I’m a Grown Woman

Today was my birthday, my twenty-first birthday. And it was fabulous.

I began my morning by sleeping in, since I had taken off of work, and took my sweet time getting out of bed. I then unpacked the rest of my Christmas clothes that I had yet to put away from Winter break, and took a shower to start my beauty routine. Between answering phone calls and responding to “happy birthday” texts, I lost track of time and forgot to eat. So I quickly did my makeup and gathered the documents to get my ID renewed at 3pm, an appointment that had been set up for me by my boyfriends mother who works for the DMV headquarters (thank God).

For lunch, I stopped by my favorite salad place, Chopt, and treated myself to my usual order of a Santa Fe with chipotle chicken and Tex-Mex ranch. Luckily, Blake (the aforementioned boyfriend), had just sent me money to pay for the salad, making my lunch that much more enjoyable. Afterwards, I rushed over to the DMV in Carrboro for my ID appointment and was immediately put at the front of the line to be helped. This couldn’t have been more convenient, because everyone and their momma was at the DMV today at three o’clock. Leaving the building with my new paper ID, I looked down at my phone and just so happened to notice the time, 3:13pm, the time down to the minute I was born 21 years ago today. Spooky, right?

Moving right along and taking advantage of my newfound rights as a 21-year-old, I stopped at the ABC store that was so perfectly placed right behind the DMV office. After picking out my first personal bottle of alcohol just for shits and giggles, I went to Starbucks and redeemed my free birthday coffee before heading to my apartment to meet my date for the evening.

We began the night by finishing up one of my binge-worthy Netflix shows, Friends From College, and then picked out a restaurant for my birthday celebration. Maggiano’s would be our spot for dinner. I chose this based on two simple requirements: the availability of pasta for the main course, and crème brûlée for dessert. Since it had both, I was sold. I had my first ~legal~ drink (see image below) and a wonderfully romantic evening with my boo.

My first legal drink: a Pomegranate Martini

To complete my night, we came home and did face masks to top off my day of self-care. Today, along with the dinner with my parents on Saturday night at Ruth’s Chris, brunch with my father at the Famous Toastery, and Sunday Funday with all of my aunts and Mema yesterday, I had the best birthday that I have had in many years.

Though the past few birthdays did not deserve places in the birthday hall of fame, this one makes up for them all. I was happy to be surrounded by only people that loved me this year and could not have been more blessed.

1 thought on “I’m a Grown Woman

  1. You are loved beyond measure, sweet girl, and this aunt was blessed to share in celebrating YOU!❤️

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