My Lovely Valentine

Pictured above: the flowers Blake brought me :’)

My first Valentine’s Day with Blake was better than I could have even imagined. Two weeks ago, we made reservations for dinner at Maggiano’s – again – because he loved the pasta so much (lol) and decided we would just do little presents for each other, nothing too fancy. But I had something pretty sweet planned for him, if I do say so myself.

On the night of our first date, April 14th, at about 1:30am, we were just getting back to my house from the movies. We had gotten dinner that night in White Oak and saw the late showing of A Quiet Place, the standard first date: dinner and a movie. He was the perfect gentleman and we had a great conversation at dinner before sitting through the movie in absolute silence (you had to because the movie itself was so quiet). Before he left my house, we both hugged each other and just so happened to look up into the sky at the same time. I know it sounds cheesy, but I was looking for a way to be less awkward on what was my first first date in nearly three years. So I looked up into the stars, so did he, and we both saw three shooting stars go by at the exact same time. We had just had our first kiss and it was kismet, literally.

Keeping this in mind, about two weeks ago, I took Blake to a planetarium show at the Morehead Planetarium on Franklin Street because he had never been under a dome theater before. We watched the show about black holes and it was honestly really cool, despite the wide range of ages in the audience. What he didn’t know at the time was that taking him was part of the prep for my Valentine’s Day present to him. Since we are both somewhat interested in stars/astrology/etc. I thought making one of the star chart posters for a certain night would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. So of course, I chose the night of our first date, where after our first kiss, we looked up into the night sky and saw the shooting stars together.

We have always joked about that night and said that “it was in the stars,” but I had never thought about immortalizing those words until our first Valentine’s Day. I ordered the poster online and, once it came in, I framed it in a plain black frame to fit the theme (pictured below).

When he opened the box I had haphazardly “wrapped” it in, he immediately smiled and I knew I had done good. I was hoping for a little tear, but he held it together better than I would have. Nonetheless, it was the perfect gift and will be hung on a nearby wall very soon.

The night went just as planned and we barely got back home in time to pass out from all we had eaten. There was just enough room left for a quick glass of wine before bed! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤

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